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Gabriel Pages is an award-winning Argentine born, writer, director, voice actor and improviser. He was a student at NYU's Film & Television and Dramatic Writing programs and sketch writing at The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater.

Gabe began his career as a storyboard artist in the Advertising Industry, drawing for companies like Ogilvy&Mather and BBDO. He's created concept art for theme park design, including 20th Century Fox and Universal Studios and has illustrated licensed apparel, creating art for The Walking Dead and DC Comics. His love of film-making brought him to the world of VFX in film and television, and his credits include Netflix/Marvel's Daredevil, Operation Finale, and Ocean's Eight.

In 2016 he began writing and directing comedy digital shorts and In 2019, his mockumentary news-magazine piece The Full Glass: Marriage 2.0, won best comedy at the Los Angeles Television Script and Film Festival. Later that year, Gabe created the animated web-series All My Presidents, providing the voices for all the characters. He's currently a performer at Serious Comedy Theatre.

He lives in New York.

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